Dan and his son Erik (11/15/1984-5/1/2014) who worked at Blom Guitars.

Our Family Story

Erik Blom Visuals

Over the years many of you have met my family (wife Cindy, son Erik, and daughter Chloe). On May  1, 2014 we lost our talented and gifted son. He was a huge part of our family business. We are grateful for his vision and the inspiration his life has been to what we do at Blom Guitars. We post this photo album to honor Erik's life and in hopes that our story will encourage others and their families. This page will also be where we share the art he created. We are creating t-shirts and using profits to benefit kid's art programs and also to assist individuals who battle depression, anxiety, and addiction.

We are a family who is blessed to have loyal customers who are committed to quality craftsmanship. Here is to many more years serving you so you can continue to share the gift of music. Click here to learn more about E.B. Rooster Guitars

Guitars That Care Mission Statement

Taking care to build guitars that will be used to inspire stories you share through your music. At the same time, partner to care for individuals and their families that are on the frontlines fighting trauma, mental illness, and addiction. 

Many have inquired about seeing Erik's art. We have an Erik Blom Visuals page on this site.

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Made to be Makers - Visit Franklin Video series

We are so very honored to be included in the Visit Franklin Made to be Makers video series.